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Intellectual Property and Trademarks

Information and data has always been incredibly important and needs to be protected and this includes from your competitors, other businesses and even your employees.

We can assist in protecting your brand and designs and take enforcement action if your brand or intellectual property is used without permission. Even if your brand is not registered and we can take steps to protect your goodwill and brand.

Some of the services we offer include the following:

Contracts and licences – if you wish to allow others to use your intellectual property, such as a design or name, we can prepare a licence that will allow the other party to use it whilst you retain ownership.

Registered and Unregistered Design Rights – Some designs are automatically protected and we can help determine whether this is the case and take action. It is preferable for designs to be registered to make protection easier, and we can help you do so.

Restrictive covenants – you can protect your business by the use of restrictive covenants, which need to be carefully drafted to ensure that they are enforceable. We have a vast amount of experience in drafting restrictive covenants in contracts of employment and some of these include the following:-

  • Confidentiality covenants – these protect trade secrets and sensitive information to the business, such as pricing structures and client information
  • Enticement covenants – to prevent former employees from encouraging their colleagues to join them in their new business ventures
  • Geographical covenants – which prevent former employees working in competition in the same area
  • Non-solicitation covenants – to prevent former employees from trying to poach your customers or suppliers

We have been successful in taking steps to enforce restrictive covenants and have successfully obtained undertakings or injunctions against former employees.

Trademarks – in order to protect your brand, name or logo, we can assist by registering your trademarks for you.

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